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I am a graphic designer focused on building user-friendly, standards-compliant websites.

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Songzanlin Monastery

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Surf has been really consistent this October. Past few seasons things didn't get going until November, but with huge pay-offs in January.

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Case Study

Client: Bell Sports, Inc.
Agency: Crux Studio
Project Date: May 2007
Skills: CSS, Design, HTML, Information Architecture, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails,

Working with Crux Studio, designed a new website for the BMX division of Bell Sports, Inc. This site is the first manifestation of a Ruby on Rails powered back-end we built that enables Bell to manage content across several domains. For this portion of the …

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Hi there. I'm Kai: a graphic designer focused on building usable websites following current web-standards. I currently live in Half Moon Bay, CA, though I recently spent eighteen months working, living, and traveling through Asia. On this blog you'll find my portfolio , a journal section in which I write about and link to things that interest me, as well as photos that are cross-posted to Flickr.

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