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09 Oct, 2012

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    Surf has been really consistent this October. Past few seasons things didn’t get going until November, but with huge pay-offs in January.

05 Oct, 2012

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    @fwextensions Do you know of an extension that allows you to numerically specify the distance between two objects?

  2. Recently Twittered:

    Hey @FWPolice: do you know of a numerical way to specify the distance between two objects? Eg: these two objects should be 24px apart.

04 Oct, 2012

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    @micahsaul fucking-a dude. Happy birthday.

29 Sep, 2012

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    Got to see my six month old daughter crawl for the first time tonight. I’m irrationally proud.

25 Sep, 2012

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    @jnymck you surf? Swell came up quick. Mavericks was breaking mid morning. I’m aiming for Wed if you wanna give it another go.

24 Sep, 2012

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    Missed out on the first swell of the season this AM to go to the dentist and find I have two cavities. Ok Monday, I see what you did there.

20 Sep, 2012

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    @jnymck Hah! Yeah, let’s do lunch tomorrow. I’m free anytime between 12-1:30PM.

  2. Recently Twittered:

    Argh. Went to the dentist only to have my appointment cancelled due to a broken water pipe in the building.

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    @jnymck you up for lunch today? I’ll be near the sf office around 12:45.

21 May, 2009

  1. Sergey Brin When asked about RDF and the Semantic Web:

    I'd rather make progress by having computers understand what humans write, than by forcing humans to write in ways computers can understand.

08 Apr, 2009

26 Feb, 2009

07 Jan, 2009

23 Dec, 2008

18 Dec, 2008

16 Dec, 2008

15 Dec, 2008

12 Dec, 2008

03 Nov, 2008

  1. Ed Summers discussing the new RDF service from Freebase:

    So why is this important? Because following your nose in HTML is what enabled companies like Lycos, AltaVista, Yahoo and Google to be born. It allowed for agents to be able to crawl the web of documents and build indexes of the data to allow people to find what they want (hopefully). Being able to link data in this way allows us to harvest data assets across organizational boundaries and merge them together. It's early days still, but seeing an organization like Freebase get it is pretty exciting.

14 Apr, 2008

  1. Wilson Miner on being an optimizer:

    Once it's out there, there's usually a very short amount of time where I'm actually happy with what I've accomplished.

    After that brief moment of satisfaction, I immediately start to see everything that's wrong or missing and start obsessing over what should be different or better. From that point on I'm incapable of being satisfied with the finished product.

28 Feb, 2008

  1. Shaun Inman in an interview with Perishable Press:

    Minimalism is not an aesthetic. You don't ornament a design with Minimalism. Minimalism is an artifact of a design process that favors the rigorous distillation of content. Content is King and Minimalism is the emperor's new clothes.

20 Feb, 2008

  1. John Gruber in an interview with Shawn Blanc:

    What graphic design is to a visual idea, writing is to a verbal idea.

15 Feb, 2008

  1. Adrian Holovaty :

    People can define "journalism" however they'd like. At EveryBlock, what we're interested in exploring is what sort of frequently updated information consumers want at the block level, and how they'd like to receive it. Whether this is called "journalism" or not is strictly academic.

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